The Computational and Systems Biology (CaSB) Interdepartmental Program is administered by a committee of faculty from several departments of the College of Letters and Science (L&S), the Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science (HSSEAS) and the School of Medicine (Medicine).

Affiliated Faculty

List of potential research labs and advisors for CaSB students. Students should not be restricted to choosing from this list.

Prof. Chris AndersonDept. of Mathematics (L&S)
Prof. Tom ChouDepts. of Computational Medicine (Medicine) & Mathematics (L&S)
Prof. Joe DiStefano, III.Depts. of Computer Science, Medicine & Biomed Engr (HSSEAS & MEDICINE)
Prof. Dino Di CarloDept. of Bioengr (HSSEAS)
Prof. Eleazar EskinDepts. of Computer Science, Human Genetics (HSSEAS/L&S)
Prof. Mark FryeDept. of Physiological Science (L&S)
Prof. Alan GarfinkelDept. of Integrative Biology and Physiology
Prof. Thomas Graeber
Dept. of Molecular & Medical Pharmacology (MEDICINE)
Prof. Alexander HoffmannDept. of Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics (L&S)
Prof. Henry HuangDept. of Molecular & Medical Pharmacology (MEDICINE)
Prof. Ted IwasakiDept. of Mech & Aero Engr (HSSEAS)
Prof. Shantanu H. JoshiDept. of Neurology (MEDICINE)
Prof. Daniel KameiDept. of Bioengr (HSSEAS)
Prof. Boris KoganDept. of Computer Science (HSSEAS)
Prof. Elliot LandawDept. of Biomathematics (MEDICINE)
Prof. Kenneth LangeHuman Genetics/Biomathematics (MEDICINE)
Prof. Christopher LeeDept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry (L&S)
Prof. James LiaoDept. of Chemical Engr (HSSEAS)
Prof. Jamie Lloyd-SmithDept. of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (L&S)
Prof. Mayank R. MehtaDept. of Physics & Astronomy (L&S)
Prof. Stott ParkerDept. of Computer Science (HSSEAS)
Prof. Matteo PellegriniDept. of Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology (L&S)
Prof. Wendie RobbinsSchool of Nursing (NURSING)
Prof. Jose RodriguezDept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry (L&S)
Prof. Marcus RoperDept. of Mathematics (L&S)
Prof. Van Savage, ChairDept. of Biomathematics (MEDICINE)
Prof. Mary SehlDept. of Medical Oncology (MEDICINE)
Prof. Jason SpeyerDept. of Mech & Aero Engr (HSSEAS)
Prof. Stefano SoattoDept. of Computer Science (HSSEAS)
Prof. Victoria Sork, Dean of Life SciencesDept. of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (L&S)
Prof. Marc SuchardDepts. of Human Genetics/Biomathematics (MEDICINE) & Biostatistics (PUBLIC HEALTH)
Prof. Ren SunDept. of Molecular & Medical Pharmacology (MEDICINE)
Prof. Roy WollmanDept. of Integrative Biology and Physiology & Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Prof. Benjamin WuDepts. of Biomedical Engr and Material Sciences Engr (HSSEAS)
Prof. Grace XiaoDept. of Physiological Science (L&S)
Prof. Xia YangDept. of Integrative Biology and Physiology
Prof. Todd YeatesDept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry (L&S)
Prof. Jie ZhengDept. of Ophthalmology (MEDICINE)
Prof. Z Hong ZhouDept. of Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics, & CNSI (California Nanosystems Institute) (L&S)

Faculty Advisory Committee 2018-2019

  • Prof. Van Savage, Chair
  • Prof. Elliot Landaw
  • Prof. Joseph DiStefano III
  • Prof. Grace Xiao
  • Prof. Ted Iwasaki
  • Prof. Alexander Hoffmann
  • Prof. Matteo Pellegrini, Vice Chair
  • Prof. Marc Suchard
  • Prof. Jamie Lloyd-Smith
  • Prof. Roy Wollman
  • Prof. Xia Yang
  • Prof. Alan Garfinkel
  • Vineet Mathew (student member)