CaSB students pursue a wide range of post-graduate opportunities, including careers in industry, health professional school, and Master’s/Ph.D. programs across a wide range of disciplines. 

What Can I Do With a Degree in CaSB?

Because CaSB is an interdisciplinary major, there is no one path that students take post-graduation. Some go directly into industry, while others pursue graduate education. Possible post-grad opportunities include:

Industry: Biotechnology, Technology, Data Science, Software, Medicine, Public Health, Research, Business/Finance, Law, Consulting, Startups, Education

Health Professional Schools: Medical School, Dental School, Optometry School, etc.

Graduate Programs: Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Engineering & Computer Science, Business, Education, Law


To provide an idea of where previous students have gone after graduation, below is a list of post-grad placements for students who graduated between 2008 and 2018. Please note that this list is based on voluntary data from recent alumni and is not meant to be an all encompassing list of possible programs/companies that students may pursue.

Students can also check out UCLA One, UCLA’s networking portal, to connect with alumni and current students.

Career Exploration Resources

The UCLA Career Center is the primary resource on campus for exploring careers and searching for job opportunities throughout students’ time at UCLA. The Career Center helps students identify internship and full-time job opportunities, explore industries and career interests, refine resumes and cover letters, understand the job search/graduate school application process, and connect with recruiters and alumni.

The Career Center uses Handshake to connect students with career counseling, internships, events, and job opportunities. Make sure to register for an account. Also check out their comprehensive Career Guide that provides valuable overview of the career exploration, job search, and graduate school application processes.

Pre-Health Resources

The UCLA Pre-Health Website and associated Pre-Health Facebook Group aggregate resources for pre-health students. Students interested in pre-health professional schools should check out these resources for information on career exploration, admissions requirements, application timelines, etc.

Upcoming Career and Professional Development Events

Check out upcoming events from the Career Center on Handshake (must have a Handshake account).