Computer Science M184 – Introduction to Cybernetics, Biomodeling and Biomedical Computing
Introduction and survey of topics in cybernetics, biomodeling, biocomputing and related bioengineering disciplines. Lectures presented by faculty currently performing research in these areas.
-2 units (Pass/No Pass)
-Requisites: Math 31A, 31B, PIC 10A or equivalent
-Same as C and S Bio M184 and Biomed Eng M184
-This course must be completed within 3 quarters of being admitted to the major
-Offered Fall Quarter only


Math 170A – Probability Theory
Probability distributions, random variables and vectors, expectation.
-4 units
-Requisite: Math 32B
-Offered Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters


Electrical Engineering 131A – Probability
Introduction to basic concepts of probability, including random variables and vectors, distributions and densities, moments, characteristic functions and limit theorems. Applications to communication, control and signal processing. Introduction to computer simulation and generation of random events.
-4 units
-Requisites: EE 102, Math 32B and 33B
-Offered Fall and Winter Quarters


Statistics 100A – Introduction to Probability
Probability distributions, random variables, vectors and expectation.
-4 units
-Requisites: Math 32B and 33A.
-Offered Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarter.


Statistics 100B – Statistics
Survey sampling, estimation, testing, data summary, one- and two-sample problems.
-4 units
-Requisite: Math 170A or Statistics 100A or EE 131A
-Offered Winter Quarter only


Systems and Signals

Electrical Engineering 102 – Systems and Signals
Elements of differential equations, first- and second-order equations, variation of parameters method and method of undetermined coefficients, existence and uniqueness. Systems: input-output description, linearity, time-invariance and causality. Impulse response functions, superposition and convolution integrals. Laplace transforms and system functions. Fourier series and transforms. Frequency responses, responses of systems to periodic signals. Sampling theorem. Letter grading.
-4 units
-Requisites: EE 1 or Physics 1C, Math 33A, 33B
-Offered every Fall, Winter, Spring Quarter


Feedback Control Systems

Electrical Engineering 141 – Principles of Feedback Control
Mathematical modeling of physical control systems in form of differential equations and transfer functions. Design problems, system performance indices of feedback control systems via classical techniques, root-locus and frequency-domain methods. Computer-aided solution of design problems from real world.
-4 units
-Requisite: EE 102
-Offered Winter Quarter.


Mechanical, Aerospace Engineering 171A – Introduction to Feedback and Control Systems: Dynamic Systems Control I.
Introduction to feedback principles, control systems design and system stability. Modeling of physical systems in engineering and other fields; transform methods; controller design using Nyquist, Bode and root locus methods; compensation; computer-aided analysis and design.
-4 units
-Requisites: MAE 181A or MAE 182A or EE 102 or equivalent
-Offered Fall, Winter and Spring Quarter; sometimes offered Summer Quarter


Modeling and Simulation

Computer Science CM186/CM286 -Computational Systems Biology: Modeling and Simulation of Biological Systems
Dynamic biosystems modeling and computer simulation methods for studying biological/biomedical processes and systems at multiple levels of organization. Control system, multicompartmental, predator-prey, pharmacokinetic (PK), pharmacodynamic (PD), and other structural modeling methods applied to life sciences problems at molecular, cellular (biochemical pathways/networks), organ, and organismic levels. Both theory- and data-driven modeling, with focus on translating biomodeling goals and data into mathematics models and implementing them for simulation and analysis. Basics of numerical simulation algorithms, with modeling software exercises in class and PC laboratory assignments. Concurrently scheduled with course CM286B.
-5 units
-(Co)requiste: EE 102 or equivalent
-Same as C and S Bio M186, Medicine CM186/286 and Biomedical Engineering CM186/286
-Offered Fall Quarter only