The UCLA Undergraduate Computational and Systems Biology Seminar is aimed at supporting undergraduates in the Computational and Systems Biology Program by exposing students to professionals in the field. The series aims to support the professional interests of the students in the program by hosting speakers from the quantitative biology industries as well as academia. By hosting a diverse group of speakers, we hope to help students better understand and explore career paths available to them.

Shaili Mathur


Upcoming Seminars

Fall 2018

4 PM, Tuesday November 13th 2018
Location: 1100, Terasaki Life Science Building
Dr. Sri Kosuri
Assistant Professor UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Co-founder, Octant
“Perspectives on going back and forth between Academia and Industry”

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Speaker Bio:

Sri Kosuri is an Assistant Professor at UCLA whose lab works at the intersection of computational biology, functional genomics, technology development, and commercialization. He was the first employee of a biofuels startup called Joule Unlimited, helped developed technologies that turned into a company called Gen9 (SAB Member), and is currently co-founder of Octant, which resides in the UCLA incubator at CNSI.  His talk will discuss his journey thus far, and hopefully can help answer questions you might have on developing technologies, starting a business, working at a startup, going to graduate school and much more.

Past Seminars

Spring 2018

May 24th 2018
Nandini Chitale
Amgen Inc.
“Designing a Career in Digital Health”

Fall 2018

5 PM, Tuesday October 16th 2018
Dr. Llewellyn Cox
Founder and CEO, Bio-Built and Adjunct Professor in Translational Genomics at Keck School of Medicine
“New and Emerging Opportunities in the LA Bioscience Ecosystem”