Ground Rules

1. Courses are selected from the approved lists (below) in consultation with a faculty mentor.

2. Courses must be approved beforehand by the Interdepartmental chair. NO EXCEPTIONS. Approval is based upon a written statement, submitted by the student to the Interdepartmental Chair at the time of application to the Major, explaining the relevance and coherence of the courses selected to the student’s overall CaSB Program.

With appropriate justification, approved programs can be revised by petition. These same prior-approval rules apply to the revised program.

3. Students may choose courses from more than one concentration area if the course selection is well justified. The coherence and relevance of the courses to the Major and to the student goals must me addressed in the written statement.

4. No 199 Special Studies courses are permissible in the Major Concentration area.

5. All courses in the Concentration Area must be upper division, unless specifically listed in the Approved List.

6. All courses must be taken for a letter grade.