This Concentration is designed for student interested primarily in computer hardware, software, data management, data representation, graph theory, computational algorithm or artificial intelligence applications in biological sciences, medicine or pharmacology. Research problems are typically algorithm oriented and/or involve graphs, automata or software development. Examples include algorithmic or graph-theory based studies for managing genomics207A, data; development of knowledge-based systems (KBS) for delivering patient education; and KBS for automating complex biosystem modeling tasks.



Tentative schedule in parentheses.

Consult Curricula and Courses at for detailed course descriptions.


I. The following 2 premajor Program in Computing (PIC) courses (10 units)

PIC 10B Intermediate Programming
PIC 10C Advanced Programming
the following 1 premajor Computer Science (CS) course (4 units)
CS 32 Introduction to Computer Science II

II. Required CORE Courses

1. Math 151A: Applied Numerical Methods (4) (Fall, Winter, Spring)


EE 103: Applied Numerical Computing (4) (Fall, Spring)


CS 170A: Mathematical Modeling and Methods for Computer Science (4) (Spring)

2. CS 180: Introduction to Algorithms and Complexity (4) (Fall, Winter, Spring)

3. MCDB M140 Cell Biology: Cell Cycle (5) (Spring)


MCDB 144: Molecular Biology (5) (Fall, Spring)


Phy Sci 166: Animal Physiology (6) (Summer only)


BME CM102: Basic Human Biology for Biomedical Engineers I (4) (Fall)


BME CM103: Basic Human Biology for Biomedical Engineers II (4) (Fall)


II. Two additional courses selected from the following list, in consultation with a CB mentor, justified as coherent in the proposal submitted when applying to the Major, and approved by the Program Chair.

CS 111 Operating Systems Principles (4)
CS 112 Computer Science Modeling Fundamentals (4)
CS 117 Computer Networks: The Physical Layer (4)
CS 118 Computer Network Fundamentals (4)
CS 130 Software Engineering (4)
CS 131 Programming Languages (4)
CS 132 Compiler Construction (4)
CS 133 Parallel and Distributed Computing (4)
CS 143 Data Base Systems (4)
CS M151B/EE M116 Computer Systems Architecture (4)
CS 151C Design of Digital Systems (4)
CS M152A/EE M116L Intro to Digital Design Lab (2 units)
CS M152B/EE M116D Computer Design Interfacing Lab (4)
CS 161 Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (4)
CS 163 Intro to Natural Language Processing (4)
CS 170A Mathematical Modeling and Methods for Computer Science (4)
CS 171 Real-Time Computer Systems (4)
CS M171L Data Communication Systems Lab (2-4 units)
CS 174 Elements of Computer Graphics (4)
CS 180 Intro to Algorithms and Complexity (4)
CS 181 Intro to Formal Languages and Automata Theory (4)
CS CM186/CM286 Biomedical System/Biocybernetics Research Lab (same as BME and C and S Bio CM186/CM286) (4)
CS M296B Optimal Parameter Design Estimation and Experimental Design (Same as Biomath M270B and Medicine M270D and BME M296B) (4)
CS 296D Intro to Computational Cardiology (4)
Math 180 Combinatorics
Math 149 Mathematics of Computer Graphics
Math 151B Applied Numerical Methods
Stats 101B Introduction to Data Analysis and Regression
Stats 101C Introduction to Regression and Data Mining (4)
Stats 201A Research Design, Sampling and Data Mining (4)
Stats 201B Regression Analysis: Model Buildiing, Fitting and Criticism (4)
Stats 201C Advanced Modeling and Data Mining (4)