For student interested primarily in medical system studies, the systems aspects of biomedical, surgical, or other biomedical-engineering system devices, including MEMS or nanoscale system devices, as well as use of dynamic biosystem modeling for optimizing or developing new clinical diagnostic or therapeutic protocols. Example research problems include feedback biocontrol system model development for imaging-based medical diagnosis; and optimal control of therapeutic drug delivery.


Recommended courses are shown with *.

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I. Required CORE Courses

1. BME CM102/CM202: Basic Human Biology for Biomedical Engineers I (4) (Fall)

2. BME CM103/CM203: Basic Human Biology for Biomedical Engineers II (4) (Fall)

3. Math 151A: Applied Numerical Methods (4) (Fall, Winter, Spring)


EE 103: Applied Numerical Computing (4) (Fall, Spring)

II. Two additional courses selected from the following list, in consultation with a BMS mentor, justifed as coherent in the proposal submitted when applying to the Major, and approved by the Program Chair.

Bioeng 110 Biotransport and Bioreaction Processes (4)
Bioeng 120 Biomedical Transducers (4)
BME M248 Introduction to Biological Imaging (4)
BME M259H Biomechanics of Traumatic Injury (4)
BME M260 Neuroengineering (4)
BME M263 Neuroanatomy: Structure and Function of Nervous System (4)
BME M296B Optimal Parameter Estimation and Experiment Design for Biomedical Systems (4)
BME 296D Introduction to Computational Cardiology (4)
Biomath 106 Introduction to Cellular Modeling (4)
Biomath 220 Kinetic and Steady State Models in Pharmacology and Physiology (4)
Biomath M230 Computed Tomography: Theory and Applications (4)
Math 134 Linear and Nonlinear Systems of Differential Equations (4)
Math 136 Partial Differential Equations (4)
Math 151A Applied Numerical Methods (4)
Math 151B Applied Numerical Methods (4)
Math 164 Optimization (4)
Math 171 Stochastic Processes (4)
Stats 101B Introduction to Data Analysis and Regression (4)
Stats 101C Introduction to Regression and Data Mining (4)