Highly motivated and exceptional undergraduates can pursue a Master’s Degree (MS) via the Bioinformatics graduate IDP, while simultaneously completing the requirements for their Bachelor of Science Degree (BS) in the C&SB IDP. Importantly, the 5-year program can be in any of the five concentration areas of C&SB, Sys Bio, BI, etc., not just Bioinformatics.

The academic mechanism for this dual degree is called the Departmental Scholar Program (DSP), administered by L&S College Honors. Only the MS Thesis plan is available to DSP students in C&SB and, with adequate planning, this can be an extension of the Senior Thesis required for the BS.

Applicants should review the Bioinformatics MS requirements before applying at: https://grad.ucla.edu/programs/life-sciences/bioinformatics/. If applicants have any questions, they should consult with C&SB and Bioinformatics.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

  • Completion of 21 C&SB Premajor/Major courses (99 quarter units) or, for transferring students, the equivalent at a similar institution.
  • A 3.5 Cumulative GPA and 3.5 Major GPA

Application Requirements

  1. A completed “Departmental Scholar Nomination Form” (See C&SB Student Affairs Office, 4436 Boelter Hall)
  2. An official UCLA transcript
  3. Two letters of recommendation from C&SB IDP faculty members — the student’s mentor (Senior Thesis advisor) plus one other.
  4. A statement of purpose detailing your intellectual and research interests, short and long term.

The Application Process

The application process should be begun as early as possible with the C&SB Student Affairs Office — normally by the Junior year. When complete, it will be reviewed by an IDP faculty committee. Upon approval, the nomination is forwarded to the Dean of the Division of Honors, and finally to the Dean of Graduate Division. Students can begin taking graduate courses toward the MS the quarter following admission.